Stories of Success

SOS  Messages

When sailors sense or face danger they send out an SOS message.

At Aldersgate, we help individuals and families successfully handle potential dangers.

Our “Stories of Success” speak well to the excellent reputation our skilled and dedicated professionals have earned in Montgomery, Bucks, Philadelphia and surrounding communities. We are a trusted, highly regarded resource for families, schools, child welfare agencies, and the justice system.

Our “Stories of Success” keep growing.  Here are several “Stories of Success” messages we have compiled.

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When I need to make a referral … Aldersgate is the first resource I recommend.

– Rev. Cynthia Skripak, Former Pastor, Willow Grove United Methodist Church

“Aldersgate began many years ago to serve the community and its needs. Over the years, the agency has compassionately and professionally helped many young people, families, married couples, and individuals with a variety of life issues. When I need to make a referral to a church family, Aldersgate is the first resource I recommend. As a nonsectarian, non-profit organization, I know the counseling and services will be respectful and effective, as well as affordable.”


I could not have imagined doing my job without Aldersgate.

– Barbara L. Blase, Recently Retired School Social Worker, Upper Moreland School District

“I collaborated with Aldersgate Youth Bureau for 28 years and I was never been disappointed in their services.  When I first began my job at the school district, I found Aldersgate to be a wonderful resource for families looking for counseling.  Later I became involved with Aldersgate’s school based program. I worked closely with the onsite Aldersgate Staff as they provided our students at the Middle School and the High School with support groups.  We found that students in those groups made progress on their at-risk behaviors. I have also worked with Aldersgate’s SCOH services and with the Family Focused Solution Based Services program. All of their employees are professionals who are caring and skilled.  I have enjoyed the collaboration with Aldersgate around our families.  We are all working together to better the lives of our students and their families.  I can’t imagine doing my job without Aldersgate.”


The LaMott Outreach Group is a great program for our teens, and the facilitator has been joy to work with!

– Anthony Birdsong  Director, La Mott Community Center

“Aldersgate is a very beneficial for the teens in our community and has been very supportive to the La Mott Community Center and to the programs we offer. Aldersgate’s Outreach Group has been meeting at the center for many years and they have always contributed to the community. Aldersgate’s LaMott Leader, is a great role model for our teens and she has been a joy to work with over the years!”


Together we have improved the quality of life and raised the self esteem of many clients.

– Rudy Tellmann, NGA Board Member and Secretary

“The Hatboro Branch of the NGA, The Needlework Guild of America,  has been partnering with Aldersgate for the past 10 years. It has been a gratifying relationship. Together we have improved the quality of life and raised the self esteem of many Aldersgate clients.”


The length of our connection speaks volumes about the value we place in the services and educational programming provided by Aldersgate.

– Judy S. Bomze, Abington School District Director of Student Services

“We have had a strong partnership with Aldersgate for over a quarter century. The length of this connection in itself speaks volumes about the value we place in the services and educational programming provided by Aldersgate.  Aldersgate has worked together with the school district using competitive grant funds as well as county funds in order to provide hours of excellent educational programming.“


Through Aldersgate, I was able to get back on my feet and begin a new life …

– Sandy (A Counseling Program client)

“This month will mark the six-year anniversary of my relationship with Aldersgate.  It started with a telephone call one day after my family physician gave me their number, seeing I was in great distress over the breakup of my marriage and the problems that comes with this.

“Through Aldersgate, I was able to get back on my feet and begin a new life and build upon the advice and support they gave me to handle this.

“As I look back and see where I am today, I’m very grateful they came into my life and guided me along.

“I want to thank Pat and everyone at Aldersgate.”


The therapists were my angels!

– Gratefully,  LAS (a mother)

“For five years I tried to get help for my daughter.  No one was able to help. It was very frustrating. Finally after I was about to give up all hope, I was introduced to Aldersgate and their Family Focused Solution Based Services, FFSBS.
“We were matched up with an excellent FFSBS team of therapists!  The therapists were my angels!  I would not have made it through such a difficult time with my daughter if the team at Aldersgate weren’t there for me every step of the way. They were professional, compassionate, and knowledgeable. They helped me cope through this most difficult time of my life. If this team of wonderful therapists hadn’t come into my life at that time, I honestly have no idea what I would have done.
“I couldn’t be more grateful to the FFSBS team of therapists that helped my daughter, myself and the rest of my family but also to the generosity of the entire staff at Aldersgate!”


Your continued efforts help save countless young lives …

– Patty Mark, Treasurer, Kristin Mitchell Foundation

“The Kristin Mitchell Foundation continues to be impressed by Aldersgate Youth Service Bureau’s dedication to dating violence prevention and education. Your continued efforts help save countless young lives and we are proud to be partnered with you.”


I highly recommend Aldersgate to anyone who is having difficulty handling life’s problems.

– Karen H. (a mother)

“My two adult sons and I have all been to Aldersgate for counseling to handle various life problems. Our counselor was experienced, knowledgeable, professional and very understanding in dealing with all types of emotional and addiction issues.

I would highly recommend Aldersgate Services to anyone who is having difficulty handling life’s problems.”


Aldersgate Youth Service Bureau has been a huge asset to our community.
– Lieutenant Jon M. Clark, Horsham Township Police Department

“Aldersgate Youth Service Bureau has been a huge asset to our community.   Over the past 37 years, I’ve had the privilege of working with Aldersgate both as a Board member and as a police officer.  I would highly recommend, if ever needed, to seek out a member of the staff at AYSB and take advantage of the many programs Aldersgate has to offer.”


Thank you for what you are doing for our youth and for Montgomery County.”
– George & Jacque Heidenrich

“Recently at a community social event I happened to be seated next to an Aldersgate staff member. As our conversation progressed, I was interested to hear about the work the staff is doing at Aldersgate.  This year my wife and I have decided to focus our charitable donations on local interests. Therefore we are pleased to include our check toward whatever effort you feel will benefit the most from it. Thank you for what you are doing for our youth and for Montgomery County.”



Stories of Success” from Students:


“What she said really inspired me to be drug free.”
–  LM, High School Student

“My opinion of the Aldersgate speaker is that she is a very educated, smart, intelligent, person who knows a lot about drugs and alcohol.  She has been coming here for many years, and I think she should keep coming for years and years and years.  She really taught me a lot about the dangers of drugs and alcohol and what she said really inspired me to be drug free.”


Lots of cool and interesting facts.
— ML, High School Student

“I liked the guest speaker because she made the lesson interesting and fun with all the pictures and hands on presentations.  I also like how she answered all of our questions.  She also was very informal with lots of cool and interesting facts.  She kept the attention of the entire class for the entire time right up to the time the bell rang.”

Short “Stories of Success”

from High School Students

As a result of the group program, I have changed in the following ways:

  • “I control my anger a little better.” (16 year old girl in Anger Management Group)
  • “I learned to deal with my problems better.” (15 year old boy in Anger Management Group)
  • “I am more open with other people.”  (15  year old girl)
  • “I know how to deal with my problems better.”  (14 year old girl)
  • “I have become more calm, I listen more, and don’t interrupt people as much.”  (9th grade boy)
  • “I don’t smoke weed anymore.”  (16 year old boy)
  • “I can talk about my problems.”  (10th grade girl)
  • “I accept more people and it has helped me think of ideas to get to know myself.”  (10th grade girl)
  • “I am more open minded about how people act –  we don’t know what they are going through.”  (10th grade girl)
  • “I don’t stoop to other people’s level.  I find way to relax and try to forget.”  (9th grade girl)
  • “I am not freaking out.”  (16 year old boy)
  • “I am more social”.  (9th grade boy)


Short “Stories of Success”

from Middle School Students

As a result of the group program, I have changed in the following ways:

  • “I have changed by being more active.” (7th grade boy)
  • “I think before acting.”  (7th grade boy)
  • “I am nicer to some people. I work better with people.”  (8th grade girl)
  • “I am less shy, less nervous.”  I talk more.”  (7th grade girl)
  • “I am not fighting with anyone.”  (8th grade boy)
  • “I don’t fight any more; barely get into trouble any more; show my feelings instead of hiding.”  (8th grade girl)
  • “I am a lot happier person.”  (7th grade girl)
  • “I have been getting in less trouble.  Less violence and less cutting.”  (7th grade girl)
  • “I am not as shy as I used to be.”  (8th grade student)
  • “I am more concerned about school and grades.”  (7th grade boy)
  • “I am more respectful and caring.”  (7th grade boy)
  • “I don’t fight as much.”  (7th grade boy)
  • “I am more chilled out.”  (7th grade boy)



“Short “Stories of Success

from Substance Abuse Alternatives (SAA) Program  Participants:

The most beneficial things about our Substance Abuse Alternative sessions to me have been:

  • “Learning about drugs, and how to be safe. I’ll surely come across things in the future, but I’m now prepared to be smart.” (Anon teen)
  • “Learning about other people’s experiences and know how bad drugs and alcohol actually are.” (Anon teen)
  • “Understanding the effect of drugs and alcohol. It was an important thing to learn.” (Anon teen)
  • “Excellent statistics were delivered.” (Anon teen)
  • “The openness and honesty – first time with confidentiality.” (Anon teen)
  • “Teaching us facts about alcohol and drugs.” (Anon teen)
  • “Reading facts and discussing as a class whether it was true or false.” (Anon teen)
  • “Being completely honest was the most important thing. It allows for more to be talked about and a more relaxed environment.” (Anon teen)
  • “Learning about the effects of marijuana; I didn’t think it was dangerous.” (Anon teen)
  • “Interactive cards.” (Anon teen)
  • “I got a lot of clarification especially from the legal perspective which is helpful for future reference.” (Anon teen)
  • “That you got to share your personal opinions and experiences and not be judged.” (Anon teen)
  • “Talking about alcohol and drug with the entire group because everybody was supportive.” (Anon teen)
  • “Being able to ask questions.” (Anon teen)
  • “Explaining what drugs and alcohol actually do to our body because I never really knew.”  (Anon teen)
  • “The charts, statistics and the discussions were very informative because it helped me gain a further understanding.”  (M. age 20)
  • “I feel the whole program was beneficial. Keep up the good job.” (T. age 19)
  • “I liked how it was easy to learn and made me think more in depth on what I do when I do these illegal things.”   (C. age 18)
  • “Learning about drugs and alcohol – I have a better understanding of the dangers.” (L. age 17)
  • “Learning about the bad things that can happen from our actions.”  (J. age 17)

“After attending SAA sessions, I will:

  • “I will think about it more and examine possible outcomes.” (Anon teen)
  • “Make better choices.” (Anon teen)
  • “I won’t drink anymore; I will think before I act.” (Anon teen)
  • “Be careful; have limits.” (Anon teen)
  • “Make better decisions; be more cautious; don’t go to a party if alcohol is there.” (Anon teen)
  • “I will not drink anymore; I learned my lesson.” (Anon teen)
  • “Be way smarter and make better decisions.”  (Anon teen)
  • “Be more careful and aware of consequences.” (V. age 17)
  • “Be a much more responsible person when it comes to drug and alcohol use.” (M. age 20)
  • “Think clearly about the consequences of choices and really make the conscious effort to make the right choices even after I reach the legal age to drink.”  (Anon under aged teen)
  • “Think before I act.” (C. age 15)
  • “Make better choices because I know how alcohol affects my body.” (B. age 17)