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Short Stories of Success from High School Students

“As a result of the group program, I have changed in the following ways:”

  • “I control my anger a little better.” (16-year-old girl in Anger Management Group)
  • “I learned to deal with my problems better.” (15-year-old boy in Anger Management Group)
  • “I am more open with other people.” (15-year-old girl)
  • “I know how to deal with my problems better.” (14-year-old girl)
  • “I have become more calm, I listen more, and don’t interrupt people as much.” (9th-grade boy)
  • “I don’t smoke weed anymore.” (16-year-old boy)
  • “I can talk about my problems.” (10th-grade girl)
  • “I accept more people and it has helped me think of ideas to get to know myself.” (10th-grade girl)
  • “I am more open-minded about how people act – we don’t know what they are going through.” (10th-grade girl)
  • “I don’t stoop to other people’s level. I find a way to relax and try to forget.” (9th-grade girl)
  • “I am not freaking out.” (16-year-old boy)
  • “I am more social.” (9th-grade boy)
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