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Short Stories of Success from Middle School Students

“As a result of the group program, I have changed in the following ways:”

  • “I have changed by being more active.” (7th-grade boy)
  • “I think before acting.” (7th-grade boy)
  • “I am nicer to some people. I work better with people.” (8th-grade girl)
  • “I am less shy, less nervous.” I talk more.” (7th-grade girl)
  • “I am not fighting with anyone.” (8th-grade boy)
  • “I don’t fight anymore; barely get into trouble anymore; show my feelings instead of hiding.” (8th-grade girl)
  • “I am a lot happier person.” (7th-grade girl)
  • “I have been getting in less trouble. Less violence and less cutting.” (7th-grade girl)
  • “I am not as shy as I used to be.” (8th-grade student)
  • “I am more concerned about school and grades.” (7th-grade boy)
  • “I am more respectful and caring.” (7th-grade boy)
  • “I don’t fight as much.” (7th-grade boy)
  • “I am more chilled out.” (7th-grade boy)
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