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Short Stories of Success from Substance Abuse Alternatives (SAA) Program Participants

“The most beneficial things about our Substance Abuse Alternative sessions to me have been:”

  • “Learning about drugs, and how to be safe. I’ll surely come across things in the future, but I’m now prepared to be smart.” (Anon teen)
  • “Learning about other people’s experiences and know how bad drugs and alcohol actually are.” (Anon teen)
  • “Understanding the effect of drugs and alcohol. It was an important thing to learn.” (Anon teen)
  • “Excellent statistics were delivered.” (Anon teen)
  • “The openness and honesty – first time with confidentiality.” (Anon teen)
  • “Teaching us facts about alcohol and drugs.” (Anon teen)
  • “Reading facts and discussing as a class whether it was true or false.” (Anon teen)
  • “Being completely honest was the most important thing. It allows for more to be talked about and a more relaxed environment.” (Anon teen)
  • “Learning about the effects of marijuana; I didn’t think it was dangerous.” (Anon teen)
  • “Interactive cards.” (Anon teen)
  • “I got a lot of clarification especially from the legal perspective which is helpful for future reference.” (Anon teen)
  • “That you got to share your personal opinions and experiences and not be judged.” (Anon teen)
  • “Talking about alcohol and drug with the entire group because everybody was supportive.” (Anon teen)
  • “Being able to ask questions.” (Anon teen)
  • “Explaining what drugs and alcohol actually do to our body because I never really knew.” (Anon teen)
  • “The charts, statistics and the discussions were very informative because it helped me gain a further understanding.” (M. age 20)
  • “I feel the whole program was beneficial. Keep up the good job.” (T. age 19)
  • “I liked how it was easy to learn and made me think more in-depth on what I do when I do these illegal things.” (C. age 18)
  • “Learning about drugs and alcohol – I have a better understanding of the dangers.” (L. age 17)
  • “Learning about the bad things that can happen from our actions.” (J. age 17)

After attending SAA sessions, I will:

  • “I will think about it more and examine possible outcomes.” (Anon teen)
  • “Make better choices.” (Anon teen)
  • “I won’t drink anymore; I will think before I act.” (Anon teen)
  • “Be careful; have limits.” (Anon teen)
  • “Make better decisions; be more cautious; don’t go to a party if alcohol is there.” (Anon teen)
  • “I will not drink anymore; I learned my lesson.” (Anon teen)
  • “Be way smarter and make better decisions.” (Anon teen)
  • “Be more careful and aware of consequences.” (V. age 17)
  • “Be a much more responsible person when it comes to drug and alcohol use.” (M. age 20)
  • “Think clearly about the consequences of choices and really make the conscious effort to make the right choices even after I reach the legal age to drink.” (Anon underaged teen)
  • “Think before I act.” (C. age 15)
  • “Make better choices because I know how alcohol affects my body.” (B. age 17)
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