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Aldersgate Services Alternative, Mandated Programs and Counseling

Aldersgate is a non-profit social services agency with skilled professionals addressing life issues. We provide Alternative, Mandated Programs, and Counseling.

We provide highly individual, short-term intervention counseling – often recommended by district justices, schools, probation officers, and youth aid panels as alternative sentencing or self-referred by the client or family member.

Substance Abuse Alternatives (SAA) Program
Alternative Structured Program to Promote Individual Responsibility and Education (ASPIRE)

SAA and ASPIRE are mandated alternative sentencing programs for adolescents and young adults cited for underage drinking or other offenses involving alcohol, marijuana, or other drugs.

Our programs provide substance abuse education and counseling on the social, legal and personal consequences of drug and alcohol experimentation and use in an effective yet stress-free atmosphere

We also explore other areas involving risk-taking, decision-making skills, and personal responsibility via the use of evidence-based programs specifically designed for teens and young adults.

SAA programs typically involve a peer-group environment while ASPIRE involves one-on-one counseling.

Changing Attitudes About Retail Theft (CHAART)

CHAART is a mandated alternative sentencing program for adolescents and adults cited for retail theft/shoplifting offenses. Counseling focuses on exploration of at-risk behaviors, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.

Anger Management

Our Anger Management Program provides assessment, education, and counseling to address underlying causes of anger, appropriate ways to control anger, and provide better coping and problem-solving skills.

DUI Intervention

We offer a DUI Intervention program that provides individual alcohol and drug counseling and educational services for clients cited for Driving Under the Influence and referred by the DUI Administration, attorneys, or probation officers.

Aldersgate is a non-profit social services agency with skilled professionals addressing life issues. Learn about our Anger Management program.
For more information contact

Pat Wilcke, MFT, Clinical Program Coordinator, or
Deborah Sapin-Feldstein, Executive Director at 215-657-4545

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