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Aldersgate Excellent Services

For individuals, families, school districts, and organizations

Aldersgate is a non-profit social services agency with skilled professionals addressing life issues. We provide Home-based services and Counseling.

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Individual, family, substance abuse, marital counseling, parent education and play therapy

Home Based Services
Our home and community-based therapy and support services help families to be more effective and better manage their own needs and children’s emotional and behavioral problems. Our SCOH (Services to Children in Their Own Home) program helps to prevent out-of-home placement and involves working collaboratively with Children & Youth Services.

Prevention Education
Working with schools and the community, our substance abuse prevention programs help reduce and prevent substance abuse among young people.

School-Based Support Services
School-based mental health support to students, their families, and the community.

Alternative, Mandated Programs, and Counseling
Highly individual, short-term intervention, counseling and skill building – often recommended by district justices, schools, probation officers, police departments, lawyers and youth aid panels as alternative sentencing or self-referred by the client or family member.

Aldersgate is a non-profit social services agency with skilled professionals addressing life issues for families. We service Montgomery and Bucks County and Philadelphia PA.
  • Substance Abuse Alternatives (SAA) Program
  • Alternative Structured Program to Promote Individual Responsibility and Education (ASPIRE) – SAA and ASPIRE are mandated alternative sentencing programs for adolescents and young adults cited for underage drinking or other offenses involving alcohol, marijuana or other drugs.
  • Retail Theft Prevention Counseling – Changing Attitudes About Retail Theft (CHAART) is a mandated alternative sentencing program for adolescents and adults cited for retail theft/shoplifting offenses.
  • Anger Management – Our Anger Management Program provides assessment, education, and counseling to address anger and its underlying causes.
  • DUI Intervention – Our DUI Intervention program provides individual alcohol and drug counseling and educational services for clients cited for Driving Under the Influence
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